• Ver.3 Quick Spring Change Gearbox Shell for AEG (With 6pcs of 9mm Bearing )
      • Model No.:
      • PK371
      • 1)Name:
      • III代AEG快拆式Gearbox空殼
      • 2)Material:
      • Zinc Alloy
      • 3)Detail:
      • 含6顆9mm培林+快拆頂桿
        With 6pcs of 9mm Bearing and Quick-Detach Ball Bearing Spring Guide.
      • 4)Weight:
      • 5)Note:
      • 適用於LCT設計的電動槍快拆式Ⅲ代 Gearbox,此產品無法承受後座力衝擊,會造成9mm培林爆開,故不適用於後座力系列產品;


        For LCT AEG Ver.3 Quick Spring Change Gearbox, can't afford the impact from EBB,otherwise the 9mm bearing would broken.
        If it non-LCT products, we can't sure compatible or not.