LCT is a professional airsoft manufacture focusing on AEG airsoft and accessories designing, developing, and manufacturing located in Changhua County, Taiwan. To make all products as realistic as possible is our ultimate goal. So far, LCT has introduced numerous high-fidelity electric airsoft of worldwide classic firearms. Our products are not only designed to achieve realistic materials and appearance but also focus on robust and durable mechanical structures and exceptional performance, ensuring the ultimate gaming experience that meets all consumer demands.

The predecessor of LCT Airsoft was Li Cheng Molding Company established in 1982. In the beginning of starting period, Li Cheng was a factory specializing in the development of molds for various materials such as metal, plastic, and wood. During this period utilized and integrated knowledge of processing techniques, including metal lathe work, cutting, stamping, extrusion, precision casting, forging, and injection. The industries we have ventured into include automotive parts, sports equipment, and medical devices. In 2004, LCT completed its first OEM project for airsoft, marking its entry into the airsoft industry supply chain. In 2007, a new brand “LCT Airsoft” was officially founded. The airsoft is an industry of requiring high professionalism and emphasizing the correctness on all details featuring outstanding appearance and mechanical performance. Until now, LCT continues to attend many important exhibitions worldwide, understanding consumer demands and trends in the airsoft market.

We take pride in various material processing expertise we have accumulated over 40 years. LCT is one of the few companies in the airsoft industry that performs integrated operations from development to manufacturing and marketing. We possess automated machinery, computer-aided design, and quality inspection capabilities that many other competitors do not have. If McDonald's is synonymous with burgers, then LCT is synonymous with highly realistic airsofts.

We are not complacent with our current achievements, especially given the significant changes in the global entertainment and consumer market following the pandemic. We have to confront post-pandemic economic downturns and increased competition within the industry, especially with more innovative electronic technology applications. How to address these challenges and maintain our leading position in high-end AIRSOFT products will continue to drive LCT's ongoing efforts forward.

Currently, we have partnered with a well-known electronic technology companies to gradually equip the ETU gearbox across our entire range of AEG models. In the near future, there will be more creative, modular, technologically advanced, and classic LCT models presented to AIRSOFT enthusiasts worldwide.

We sincerely invite you to join our global distribution partners. If you have any OEM/ODM needs, please feel free to contact us for inquiries.
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