• LCK-12 AEG
      • Model No.:
      • AAG050_00_00_00
      • 1) Overall Length:
      • Stock Extended: 945mm
        Stock Collapsed: 860mm
      • 2) Folding Length:
      • 685mm
      • 3) Net weight:
      • 3.8kg
      • 4) Mag Capacity:
      • 130R
      • 5) Inner Barrel:
      • L:435mm / Brass
      • 6) Muzzle Thread:
      • N/A
      • 7) Remarks:
      • Optional part:
        PK-404 LCK-12/15 to M24 Muzzle Thread Adapter



型號LCT AEG Model LCK-12 AEG
槍身Receiver 全鋼製Full steel 
全長Overall Length 全長945mm/ 收托860 mm /折疊685mm
總重Weight 3.8kgs
內管長Inner Barrel Length 銅Brass /435mm
槍口螺牙Muzzle Thread N/A
內膛Hop Up Chamber 塑料Plastic
彈匣Magazine 130Rounds
初速Muzzle Velocity According to Local Regulations
後座力Blowback 無No
快拆彈簧 QD Spring 有Yes
晶片MOSFET can compatible
軸承Bushings/Bearings 9mm Bearings
線組Wire/出線Direction 18AWG (Model No. PK-333)/前出Handguard
氣筒Cylinder 銅Brass, 表面鍍鉻Chrome plated
氣筒頭Cylinder Head CNC鋁合金CNC Aluminum Alloy
活塞頭Piston Head CNC鋁合金CNC Aluminum Alloy
活塞 Piston/齒排Teeth 塑料Polycarbonate/鋼Steel
彈簧頂桿Spring Guide 鋼製滾珠培林Steel Ball Bearings Spring Guide
馬達Motor 22000rpm


鋰電7.4V 20C Li-Polymer(Below362FPS&110m/s)
  鋰電11.1V 20C Li-Polymer(Above362FPS&110m/s)



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1 LCK-12 AEG Ver.3 Quick Spring Change Gearbox
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2 LCK-12 AEG Frontset KIT/Stock
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