• LC-3 Quick Spring Change Gearbox with MOSFET and Handguard Switch Assembly (With 6pcs of 9mm Bearing)
      • Model No.:
      • LC053
      • 1)Name:
      • LC-3前出線快拆式電子開關Gearbox
      • 2)Material:
      • sus304/ Brass/ Polycarbonate/ Aluminum/Acetal/Steel
      • 3)Detail:
      • 電池建議規格: 7.4V或11.1V,1000mAh以上/15~25C。

        Battery specification suggestion: 7.4V or 11.1V Li-Polymer,1000mAh above/15C~25C.
      • 4)Weight:
      • 557g
      • 5)Note:
      • 適用於LCT設計的電動槍LC-3 / LK 系列 ;非LCT產品無法確認是否適用。

        For LCT LC-3 series / LK series ;if it non-LCT products,we can't sure compatible or not.